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Ad Purchasing Guidelines and Policies

  1. We do not allow ads that are sexual, political or religious in nature, or ads for tobacco, drugs or gambling.
  2. Any online dating ads cannot be related, in any way, to sex trafficking or mail order brides.
  3. All ad images must be decent and tasteful. No nudity allowed.
  4. We don’t allow ads that use profanity, racial, or hurtful language or images.
  5. No false, misleading, or “click bait” ads allowed (ads that takes the customer to a page not related to the image and description advertised).
  6. Once the ad is approved, we will only edit ads with mistakes up to 2 days after ad has been placed on After 2 days, your ad image and text cannot be changed for the duration of your ad campaign. Edit Ad Here
  7. No refunds, period. (If your ad is not approved, we will instantly process your refund.)
  8. If your ad is approved, but later discovered to violate one or more of our policies because of misleading or false information given by you, your ad will be deleted with no refund issued to you, the purchaser. For example, your ad may be linked to a website which goes along with our standards and policies, so the ad is approved. Then, after your ad is approved and placed on our website, you may change something on your website that is in direct violation of our policies. We randomly check links to ensure ad purchasers are consistently complying with our company standards and policies.
  9. Unless purchased in advance, 30, 60, or 90 days, all ad prices are subject to change. Pre-purchased ad prices will not change until the ad campaign expires. After expiration of pre-purchased ad campaigns, ads can be renewed at the most current rate. Ad spaces cannot be reserved, and are on a first come, first serve basis.
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